3 Hours Personal Makeup Workshop

This 3 hours Personal Makeup Workshop is offered by the i Style academy to enable everyone to personally groom themselves on Day and Night Image Makeup. This workshop is designed for individuals who are interested in knowing their features and subsequently the market products which suit them the best. Students can use the knowledge they gain from this workshop to groom themselves for different occasions and environments.



  • Day Makeup / Natural Makeup:
    After the students have acquired basic knowledge, the second session familiarizes them with makeup base and foundation application, usage of different kinds of concealers and natural blending skills. Students learn routines such as eyebrow shaving, correction, and drawing and application of natural-looking eyeliner. Application of Mascara and Nude Lip Blending Skills are also taught in this class.


  • Night Makeup / Dinner Makeup:
    Advancing towards the intricate makeup technologies, the third session begins with personal grooming of each student to reveal their true dinner image. Then, the various eye shadow combinations for dinner makeup are introduces along with the subtle application of shimmer powder. In this class, the students learn to match the eye liner application with the eye shape and of fake eye lashes. Shading, highlight and lip correction skills are taught towards the end of this class.

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