3 Personal Makeup Class

The Personal Makeup Class is a course offered by the i Style academy to enable everyone to personally groom themselves. The course is designed for individuals who are interested in knowing their features and subsequently the market products which suit them the best.


Students can use the knowledge they gain from this course to groom themselves for different occasions and environments. The course takes a comprehensive approach towards self-makeup skills and techniques and is offered over 3 makeup lessons.


For the students have complete the class are awarded with an i Style Academy Honours and Awards certification. The Personal Makeup course is among the very few courses offered for flexible learning hours. The students can decide the hours they want to dedicate to this course given that it is completed within 2 months of taking the first class.



The Personal Makeup Course is offered over 3 makeup lessons. Taught by professional makeup artists and groomers, each class is designed to take a comprehensive approach towards self-makeup. Beginning from the basics of makeup theories, the course takes on the path of self-assessment and then moves to intricate makeup techniques. The structure of the course is on the following lines:



1st Class – Makeup Theory & Day Makeup:

·          Makeup Theory :
The first class discusses the most basic theories of makeup which every individual must know in order to protect and enhance their skin. In this session, the students are made aware of personal skincare knowledge and hygiene in addition to makeup removal and cleansing steps. The students are then introduced to makeup brushes and other tools, cosmetics and steps for applying makeup. As the class progresses, the students get a hold of their face structure and highlight and shading applications. Color Temperature and Combination and multiple eyebrow shapes are also introduced to the students.


·          Day Make-up / Natural Make-up Hands On: 

   After the students have acquired basic knowledge, the second class familiarizes them with makeup base and foundation application, usage of different kinds of concealers and natural blending skills. Students learn routines such as eyebrow shaving, correction, and drawing and application of natural-looking eyeliner. Application of Mascara and Nude Lip Blending Skills are also taught in this class.


2nd Class – Night Makeup / Dinner Makeup Hands On
Advancing towards the intricate makeup technologies, the third session begins with personal grooming of each student to reveal their true dinner image. Then, the various eye shadow combinations for dinner makeup are introduces along with the subtle application of shimmer powder.


In this class, the students learn to match the eye liner application with the eye shape and of fake eye lashes. Shading, highlight and lip correction skills are taught towards the end of this class.

3rd Class – Day Transfer Night Skill Hands On: 
The last class of the course focuses on teaching students something more skillful. The technique on transform a day makeup into event / function makeup.


Primer application and blending of special eye shadow, blusher and shading are introduced to the students. The students also learn the choice and selection for eye lashes which helps in completing the perfect event / function look.



Program should be completed within 2 months after 1st class.



Tuesday – Friday      : 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Saturday – Sunday   : 11am – 1pm or  

                                  : 2pm – 4pm


ü Tools will be provided

ü Products will be provided

ü Study Material will be provided  


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