How Best to Do Eyebrows

Eyebrows can really compliment one’s face or just look like a mess on one’s face. Knowing how to actually do them and still trace the outline of the eyebrows is nothing but just art. Many a time most people tend to have their eyebrows done by different people and some actually may end up messing them than making them look really good.

Brow density is known to equate to brow greatness. Over the timeline of history, browns have actually been indicators of authority, gender as well as social status. During the early centuries, the shaving of the forehead and brows was actually considered a symbol of sexual purity.

Listed below are some ways one can achieve thicker brows using simple kits such as a brow wiz, brow pen, and clear brow gel.

Step One: Brush It Up

The first step that one need to take is simply brushing the brows up. This simply helps one see where the brows need to be filled in, starting from the frontal section of the brow to the tail of the brow in order to achieve the perfect look.

Step Two: Measure the Brow

In order for one to actually achieve the best brows which is normally a difficult thing to achieve for most individuals, one needs to align the brow with the inner tear duct with regard to an arch that is approximately at eleven o’clock form right where the sleep collects. This simply means that one has to measure the brow with regard to how the 11 o’clock minute hand actually stands on the clock face. This will definitely give one the arch they aim to achieve.

Step Three: Throw Some Shade

With regard to this specific stage one is advised to now use the Brow Wiz as a matte shadow that is actually supposed to go under the hairs of the brow in order to fill in the brow and give it a thicker look. This is especially advised for individuals who have sparse spots as they need to apply the Brow Wiz while gently shading the brow.

Step Four: Add Detail

Detail basically means making the brow look more defined and bold. One is advised at this point to simply take the brow pen and very carefully draw in the hairs at the beginning of the brow i.e. towards the nose, going on and then winding up by also adding more density to the tail of the brow.

Step Five: Set It

To now finally wind up and finish of the eyebrow, one now needs to finish using the clear gel as it tends to combine the brow hairs and make the look, look bolder and pop more. In addition, the clear brow gel also locks the eyebrow and make up in pace as with this one is done doing their brows.

So now one can easily achieve the bold brows by simply following the steps mentioned above and look flawless afterwards.