How to achieve a Smoky Eye

The phrase the eyes are the window to the soul is a very true statement and making eyes look more attractive is an added advantage. Smoky eyes make one look very sexy as well as very classy at the same time.

Listed below are eight simple steps that one may easily follow in order to achieve the Smoky eye look which will make any individual just make any man tempted by the beauty of the smoldering eyes. Best believe it.

 Step One- Primer

There’s nothing as annoying as doing make up then having it smears and settle just a few hours before an event has even begun. In order for one to simply avoid all this, they can easily just apply primer in order to make the makeup stay for a longer period as required.

Step Two- Concealer and Powder

Dark circles tend to kill this look as one may end up looking bruised after the whole make up process is complete instead of vamp. In order for one to simply balance out any shadows underneath the eyes, one can simply apply concealer using the ring finger atop one’s under eye area. After one has finished blending in the concealer, they then can simply apply translucent powder using a fluffy brush as the powder tends to trap the loose particles as one applies their eye shadow. Afterwards, rub the powder of with tissue.

Step 3- Dark Shadow

During this step, one simply may blend a dark shadow which doesn’t have to be black and apply it from the lashes to the crease of the eye using a small, angled brush along the lower lash line.

Step 4Smudge

When it comes to Smoky eyes, it should never have nay harsh lines; rather it should be well blended at the edges. One is advised to smudge the shadow along the crease and bottom lashes using either a Q-tip or a smudge brush.

Step 5-Define the Eyes

In order to define the eyes one needs to use creamy black eye pencil by dragging it along both the upper and lower lash lines while making sure that there is no skin being revealed in between the lashes and the line. In order to even accentuate the look, add a line in the inner bottom lash line as well.

Step 6-Highlighter

In order for one to break the monotony of the smoky eye look, they may easily blend shimmering highlighter and apply it along their brown bone as well as the inner V corner of the eyes.

Step 7- Curl the Lashes

In order to finish up this look, one needs to curl the lashes. One may easily use an eyelash curler and simply press it down against the lashes and to achieve an even more long-lasting look one may easily heat the curler with a blow-dryer before curling the brows.

Step 8- Mascara

The smoky eyes look is not complete without one actually applying mascara to make those lashes look long as well as thick. This is a must process as it just sets the mood for the yes and completes the look all together.