How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeliner

Many girls have now become so sued to having eyeliner on their eyes and at time having the same old look can easily get boring. Trying out new ideas is always advised when it comes to make up as knowing what best suits one’s face is an added advantage for them. Eyeliners have been known to be one of the multitasking makeup products as they can easily make one’s eyes look completely different.

Listed below are some different ways that one can easily play around with eyeliner to achieve the perfect look for one’s eyes with regard to the face shape as well as the design of the application being considered.

Winged Eyeliner

This is one of the most famous looks and to achieve it one simply has to make a curve with black eyeliner from the center to the end. The thicker the arc made then the pronounced the look.


For one to achieve this look they need to use a gel based eyeliner and a thin angle brush. Simply outline the frame of the yes while moving towards the corner to make a winged style. Then afterwards one can easily draw a line using a brush and gel liner from the outer region of the winged eye until one reached half the point of the lower lash line.


This specific style is called so since it is not a complete cat eye and is a perfect look for the nightlife. One simply need to apply the gel based eyeliner to the upper lash line while extending the tail of the liner into a cat eye. One is advised not to curl the eyelashes nor use mascara to help set the kitten eye.


This is one of the simplest styles that one can achieve by starting with the middle of the eyelids to the outer corner and flicking the outline upwards. Then one is advised to fill in the corners in order to make the look, look sharp and fuller.


This is a very classic look when it comes to eye lining styles. To achieve this look one need to apply specifically liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelash line and also apply several coats until the end then let the eyeliner dry up. Afterwards, one simply then draws a flick and then joins it with the liner. One is advised to apply mascara in order to give the lashes more volume as this makes them pop out more.


For most celebrities as well as runways models, the cat style look is the most preferred this is because it tends to look very chic as well as amazing. In addition, the cat eye also tends to suit individuals with both big and small eyes. In order to achieve this look one needs to apply a thick line of black eyeliner and then follow up by filling in the corners of the eyes with small movements in order to bring out a feathered effect. Afterwards one is advised to curl their lashes as a final touch. In conclusion, there are many ways to achieve different look and still look good with eyeliner. One just need know what works best for them.