How to Correctly Apply Makeup

In today’s society technology and the internet has made everything very simple. One can simply learn a simple skill set just by the click of a button as well as surfing the internet. Many a time, YouTube videos have been used to learn new things.

As much as the tutorials may help, not all of them give off the right information as some actually may make one apply makeup wrongly which may leave them looking shady instead of flawless. Listed below are some steps one needs to follow to simply know how best to apply makeup.

Part One- Prepare the Face

When it comes to face preparation the first thing one should do is get rid of the old make up in case it still is visible. Then after removing the residual makeup, one is advised to wash their face with a mild facial cleanser then afterwards apply moisturizer.

Afterwards, one is advised to apply the primer to ensure longevity as well as enhance the appearance of the makeup then put on a little foundation which should be the same color as one’s skin tone.

Apply the concealer than afterwards set both the foundation and concealer in place. Apply the highlighter in order to create an illusion of depth. Then afterwards, one advised to contour by adding a darker shade of powered.

Finally, one is advised to apply blush on their cheeks while smiling to correctly apply it on apples of the cheeks. Then afterwards, one needs to simply fill in their eyebrows which is optional depending on one’s eyebrow fullness.

Part Two- The Eyes

The second bit of applying make up involves adding eye make up. First one needs to apply eye shadow primer then put on the eye shadow. This helps the eye shadow stick better. Afterwards, one then applies eyeliner to make it pop out more as it cannot be applied before the eye shadow. Then to finish off with this stage one then applies mascara to make the eyelashes pop and look very beautiful.

Part Three- The Lips

Once one is done with the face and eyes the final step involves now dealing with the lips. To begin with one needs to first smooth out the lips by either applying lip balm, sealer or primer. It also helps the lips not flake during the day. Afterwards then one need to apply lip liner that matches the color one is planning on applying. After the lip liner, one can now easily apply the lipstick or lip gloss and apply by starting in the center of the lip and then later blending the color outwards. For one to easily prevent the lipstick from sticking to the teeth, they can easily put the index finger into their mouth and pull it out as the excess lipstick sticks to the hand.

The final bit of the whole process is simply assessing if there are any smudges or loose eye shadow that one needs to correct. Once done, then one is advised to spray setting spray to make the look last longer throughout the day.